still haven’t mastered coloured pencils yet… but will keep trying. i had a lot of hope for this when i started - but no - it’s not great. not even good.

i’m a-sad.

whos-that-little-old-fandom Do you just do pencil on paper? What materials do you prefer and just wow How long do your portraits usually take? Ok I'm done (I'm 14 so I'm still learning here...)

hi there - thanks so much for your questions:  i have, until recently, been very loyal to my #2 ticonderoga pencils - but lately, i’ve upped my game to lyra pencils.  they make me feel more official, if nothing else!  :)

as for paper - i have fallen hard for bee paper sketchbooks.  the paper is so wonderful and thick.

and i’m very, very procrastination-centric - so i sometimes take a long time to actually get down to actually draw/paint.  but if i add up the actual time of drawing - usually each one takes about 4-6 hours.   that might be over a few days, but that’s how long i’m actually drawing.  i get VERY bored VERY easily, so anything more than that - and i’m unhappy.

and btw - i like your drawings alot!  i’m an old - really old - so i appreciate your efforts and fully expect you to draw amazing things for years to come! 

it’s amazing to think i’ve never drawn george before.   i mean, look at that face - that’s a face that deserves some pencil lovin’!

i’m very happy with how he’s turned out here.  :)

living doll…

well, i wish she was living.  

can’t believe it’s taken this long to commit one of my all-time favourite women to pencil.  sharon is so unbelievably stunning - and i’m really quite pleased with how she’s turned out here.

what is vexing to me is that this was done as an experiment - in as much as i used matte photo paper to draw on - because someone whose work i admire has said she uses the same. 

i HATED drawing on this stuff - HATED it.  but i can’t deny the results - and now i don’t know if that is due to paper - or because i would have drawn sharon this well no matter what.  i’m sad, because it means i’m going to try drawing on the photo paper again to see.

but whatever - i got a good drawing out of it!

get a print at:

oscar winner, jordan catalano…  wet and wild.

i’m sad when i look at this, because when i used my hair spray to fix the pencil (a process i’ve used for a thousand years now) it spat out these huge, ugly clumps of crap all over our poor jared, here.

i’ve done my best to clean him up both in person and through some photoshopping…  but the memory lives on.



mrs. pete in pencil…  because even with a minor character, my giddy-ness over the arrival of ‘mad men’ knows no bounds…

This is spectacular. You’ve given me a new level of excellence to shoot for.

if only you knew how much your words mean to me!  thank you oh so much!

mrs. pete in pencil…  because even with a minor character, my giddy-ness over the arrival of ‘mad men’ knows no bounds…

so looking forward to warmth.
so looking forward to the consistent sounds and images of baseball - something i try to watch all 162 of.
but not looking forward to the end of derek jeter’s career.
he has been so amazing to watch over the years… i can’t begin to think what it will be like without the hope of his appearance on the field.
i hope our derek has a fantastic year - and says goodbye with a BANG!!!!

done for my friend’s kari & brent as an xmas present…

the colour of the tie and flower are far more vivid in real life - and i have no idea why kari’s face is looking so chipmunky to me - nor do i have any clue how to fix it…

but, overall, i’m pleased.  and i really do hope they like it.

well, my mother hated my first attempt at this gift for my office husband (the last image). 

he was the one who chose judy, since i have no love for her really.  but after asking for a drawing of her, i found the photo in the middle and fell in love with it!  she’s so damaged and yet happy.

i hope that my mom likes the new one better - but really,  i hope that office hubby likes it!  because there is no way i’m doing this a third time!

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